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Our Team

Dr Raj Acquilla

Dr Raj is a British doctor of medical aesthetics who’s been at the forefront of the industry for almost 20 years. Uncompromising in his excellence, Raj is a global trainer; a key opinion leader sought for his extraordinary expertise. Raj believes in investing time in the individual; that thorough consultation is key, and that truly understanding his patients can guide the process in a more nuanced way. Best known for his approach to illumination, he brings dimension and light to the face with a masterful artistry.

Dr Karim Sayed

Dr Karim is an aesthetics doctor who prides himself on digging deep into the science of ageing to truly understand the mechanics of age-related changes in the skin and how to successfully treat them to achieve a natural look. Well known for creating natural results for both men and women, he is at the forefront of the aesthetics industry in Norway. Being an active member of various international advisory boards, a lecturer in dermatology and cosmetic medicine at the University of Southeast Norway and a complications expert, Dr Karim often lends his expertise to fellow practitioners when they encounter problems.

Dr Arthur Swift

Dr Swift is a board-certified Plastic Surgeon and serves on the global advisory board for many of the world’s leading cosmetic pharmaceutical companies. He is world-renowned as an expert and trendsetter in the field of cosmetic enhancement. A mathematical analysis of beauty and an unrivalled passion for his craft has made Dr Swift one of the most sought-after mentors on the global aesthetic circuit. Dr Swift is the recipient of numerous prestigious awards, including the Cosmetic Industry Award, given to the Canadian physician whose visionary work and innovative techniques have kept Canada at the the forefront of aesthetic medicine. He is the director of the Westmount Institute of Plastic Surgery in Montreal and maintains an active academic position with the Plastic Surgery Divisions of both McGill University and The University of Montreal.

Dr Halah Taha

Highly acclaimed by some of the top key opinion leaders in the aesthetics industry, Dr Halah is a general practitioner and a creative by nature. Her approach to beauty is ‘less is more’ - promoting a healthy balance and youthful glow whilst respecting the naturally-occurring structure of the face. Dr Halah believes the secret to achieving the best results lies in a strong consultation process; thoroughly understanding the anatomy and individual needs of every client. With a passion for health and wellness, Dr Halah believes that beauty comes from within but subtle enhancements can have a significant impact on someone’s overall confidence.

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